Specialty Programs

Making a Difference

PREA can take donor funds and use them in a way that a donor may specify. For example, there is a great need for supplemental funding for: Technology, Arts, Music, GATE, Science, Classroom/Campus Innovations and other programs.

Our goal

With your support, you can help us grow to aid our local teachers and children. This is a community effort, and with community involvement, we will make Paso Robles a more enriching place to live.


  • Teacher Grant Recipient – Spring 2015

    Lab Equipment
    Amount Awarded: $500

    “In Chemistry, most of our budget goes to expensive consumables like chemicals, glassware, and equipment. The ability to get additional instructional aid has been challenging, and the PREA grant has provided that opportunity. Thank you so much for the support.”

    Anthony Overton
    Chemistry Teacher, Paso Robles High School
  • Teacher Grant Recipient – Spring 2015

    New Books
    Amount Awarded: $500

    “I am so thankful for the materials I was able to purchase for my classroom with the PREA grant. My teammate and I are currently planning our unit for the novel The Long Walk to Water and we are excited at the opportunities for critical thinking it will provide our 7th graders. The novel will allow us to meet common core standards for reading literature and will allow us to incorporate nonfiction into our unit, which deepens students’ ability to think in complex ways. Not only will this book help make better students, but its topic will also help engage our students and make them better people as well.”

    Lindsey Ballenger
    Teacher, Daniel E. Lewis Middle School
  • Georgia Brown Technology Grant (Specialty Program)

    Document Camera for Classroom
    Value: $1,000

    “The document camera provided to my classroom through the PREA Grant in 2012 allowed me to give more immediate, precise visual presentations, and to efficiently challenge the children I teach in exciting and interactive instruction in all areas of language arts. I use it every single school day! Thank you PREA donors!”

    Dawn Steuwer
    3rd Grade Teacher, Georgia Brown Elementary
  • Teacher Grant Recipient – Spring 2015

    Food Webs – Hands on Lab
    Amount Awarded: $250

    “Without the PREA Grant for owl pellets to teach food webs, my students would not be able to experience this hands on Lab and would not be able to learn the many other science topics that come up in this lab. Students are very engaged and have many questions they can explore from this experience.”

    Dolores Alexander
    Science Teacher - Daniel E. Lewis Middle School
  • Teacher Grant Recipient – Spring 2015

    Science – Lab Equipment
    Amount Awarded: $500

    The PREA grant has been especially helpful for our fledgling Marine Biology program at the high school. In its first year, I am working hard to build a rigorous lab schedule. The PREA grant made it possible to order a class set of hydrometers that my students can use to measure the density of sea water and the water in our aquarium. That density is then used to calculate salinity of the water after we take into account the temperature. We also got 2 refractometers that students use to determine the salinity of seawater based on the refractive index of saline water, denser water bends the light more. My physical oceanography unit just got a whole lot more applicable with these new tools that PREA bought for us.

    Jon-Paul Ewing
    Science Teacher, Paso Robles High School
  • Teacher Grant Recipient – Spring 2015

    Journalism – Print Expansion
    Amount Awarded: $500

    “PREA supported nearly 30 student journalists at PRHS, generously funding an expensive print expansion that permitted more student writing, photography, and design to serve our PRHS readers. It was a victory on a host of levels, and we are tremendously impacted by the difference they made in our educational goals.”

    Jeff Mount
    Journalism Teacher, Paso Robles High School
  • Teacher Grant Recipient – Fall 2014

    Mock Trial
    Amount Awarded: $500

    “If it was not for the generosity of the PREA grant funding, my 8th grade GATE class would not have had an enrichment activity this year due to lack of funds. With the grant, I was able to afford the middle school entry fee for the renowned SLO COUNTY MOCK TRIAL COMPETITION. Students are given the opportunity to study a court case and present in front of a real judge in a real courtroom. They compete against another middle school and are judged by lawyers in SLO County. It is one of those experiences a student will never forget. Even though they are playing a “role,” (whether it is a lawyer, a witness, or court clerk) the intensity of a real court experience is gained. It allowed my students to gain valuable lessons that they will be able to carry with them for the rest of their life.”






    Melissa Flickinger
    English Teacher - Flamson Middle School
  • Teacher Grant Recipient – Fall 2014

    Drama Production of “A Christmas Carol”
    Amount Awarded: $500

    “PREA allowed me to rent period style costumes for “A Christmas Carol”. These costumes, for a cast of 35, were from PCPA and have been used in professional productions. We felt honored to have been able to afford these beautiful costumes because of PREA!”

    Marcy Goodnow
    Drama Teacher, Paso Robles High School
  • “The collective work of the Paso Robles Education Alliance (PREA) has allowed our schools district to do great things with our students. We are eternally grateful to PREA for their vision in bringing to life so many vital programs to the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District.”

    Kathleen McNamera
    PRJUSD Superintendent 2007-2014
  • Teacher Grant Recipient

    “For some time now I have wanted to write to you and let you know how much your organization has meant to both me as a teacher in the Paso Robles School District and as a parent of a student in the school district. The Paso Robles Education Alliance’s contributions to our community have impacted student’s learning in many positive ways.”

    Mary M. Mason
    Teacher, Paso Robles School District
  • College Scholarship Recipient – 2011

    “I want to extend my deepest thanks for your continued support. Your generosity has been unprecedented. I am proud to come from a community that so highly values education.”

    Austin Ehrhardt
    University of California Berkley
  • College Scholarship Recipient – 2011

    “Thank you for the generous scholarship. I shall use it to help me pay for college, and it will be useful in that regard. I will be attending Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo to study Civil Engineering, and your scholarship should help me through the challenges ahead.”

    Sara Mason
    Cal Poly State University


"Classroom of Tomorrow" Grant Project

What is the “Classroom of Tomorrow” Grant Project?

Paso Robles Public Schools have joined up with the Paso Robles Education Alliance (PREA) to raise the funds and facilitate this project.

The “Classroom of Tomorrow” project is joint grant project with the Paso Robles Education Alliance and the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District providing 21st Century tools to Paso Robles classrooms. This grant will assist in providing mounted video/data projector, sound system along and document cameras to enable teachers to turn teacher-centered lessons to student-centered lessons. Below are some of the benefits of this modern classroom technology:

Benefits for Students:
• Engaging and motivating
• Heightens project-based learning opportunities
• Students can participate in real-time collaborative & interactive activities. Problem solving activities promote the development of critical thinking skills.
• Appealing and manageable to student with special needs and at-risk students
• Provides classroom accessibility to outside of the classroom with distance learning opportunities
• Allows for students to showcase work

Benefits for Teachers:
• Provides teachers with more opportunities to be a facilitator
• Easily adaptable to all learning levels
• Provides students to have a real audience
• Provides a forum for teacher sharing and feedback

With increasing demand to raise teaching and learning standards, multimedia tools will enhance learning by not forcing a teacher to rely solely on text books. Multimedia equipment with network capability provides added educational information to students and amplifies classroom management

PREA join forces with the school district to facilitate and sponsor the total grant process. The PREA “Classroom of Tomorrow” Project acts as a catalyst in providing seed funds to build funding collaborations. School sites submit grant applications and are required to have the following:

1. What is the scope of the project including how many classrooms and grade levels will be effected?
2. What curriculum intervention and/or enrichment are planned with the new technology?
3. What additional funding sources are planned to be used in conjunction with PREA funds?

Almost all of the grant applications have been funded. Once funded, the school district technology department facilitates the equipment installs and teacher training in a timely manner.


“I use it everyday in my classroom. Classroom of Tomorrow technology adds a lot of value to my classroom.”

– Anthony Overton, Paso Robles Teacher

“Students display and share their math exercises with the rest of the class. This is powerful.”

– Edwin Martinez, Paso Robles Teacher

“The Classroom of Tomorrow equipment allows me to display vocabulary lessons to the entire class with ease. These new tools have enhanced my students educational experience”

– Daniel Parks, Paso Robles Teacher

Nation-wide Research in using multimedia technology in classrooms:

• 98% of respondents said that projectors provided a significant improvement in student attention
• 94% reported a greater ease in presenting information
• 80% reported a significant improvement in retention of information
• 74% reported a significant overall time savings
• 62% reported a significant overall cost savings

Paso Robles classroom needing “Classroom of Technology” equipment and training:

Full Installations: Mounted projector, sound system and document camera
Partial installation: Sound systems and/or document cameras

Classrooms Remaining Full Setups Partial installations Estimated Cost:
Elementary Schools grd (2-5) 67 $157,450
Middle Schools 10 47 $76,000
High Schools 11 36 $61,880
Total 88 83 $295,330

Full Installations: Mounted projector, sound system and document camera:

Classrooms Remaining Full Setups Estimated Cost
Elementary Schools grd (2-5) 67 $157,450
Middle Schools 10 $23,500
High Schools 11 $25,850
Total 88 $206,800

“Classroom of Tomorrow” Grant Project Success

• (3) grant offerings a year since 2011
• This project’s goal is to provide ceiling mounted projectors, audio system and document cameras for all of the Paso Robles classrooms.
• PREA grant process is intended to incorporate all stakeholders in this project, including funding.
• Other matching funds included Exxon Mobile Grant, PTA/PTO donations, district Replacement funds, intervention categorical funding and other generous donations from our community.
• (8) schools applied for the October grant and (8) schools have received PREA funds totaling $30,100:

With collaboration from all of the stakeholders and PREA:

• (46) Classrooms at (8) school sites will be receiving the equipment
• (2,390) students will take a direct benefit from the new classroom technology.
• School site parent groups have raised over ($72,000) to assist in this project