With your support, you can help us grow aid to our local teachers and children. This is a community effort, and with community involvement, we will make Paso Robles a more enriching place to live.

Who is involved with PREA?

PREA is a community based organization comprised of local businesses, parents, and educators who share the enthusiasm for promoting academic excellence by providing additional resources and opportunities in our local school system.

Is there a need for financial support?

Yes. Every year our schools face new budget issues, while having greater demands placed upon them. Many of the enrichment programs such as library, reading, art, music, athletics, drama and GATE have been eliminated. With your support, PREA can continue to assist with programs, scholarships and teacher grants.

How does this help the community?

Better schools mean better students; better students mean more thriving and productive members in our community, making Paso Robles a more desirable city in which to live and work.

Join us to help made a difference

The Paso Robles Education Alliance (PREA) is helping fill the void of severe state cutbacks, by providing grant funding and other opportunities for local schools in the Paso Robles Unified School District (PRJUSD).

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Our Mission

The Paso Robles Education Alliance (PREA) is a non-profit, community based organization, that supports and enriches the educational environment of Paso Robles Public Schools.

Core Goals

  • Provide funding for Teacher Grants.

  • Provide funding for College Scholarships.

  • Provide funding for Specialty Programs.


    Non-Profit: Paso Robles Education Alliance

    Address: P.O. Box 1290 | Paso Robles, CA 93447

    Toll-Free Phone: 1-866-620-0584

    Toll-Free Fax: 1-866-620-2659

    EIN: 26-2653784

    Status: 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization